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Hi! I'm Ry'lee Scott :)

The owner, creator & piercer behind Poked. A cute & stylish Piercing boutique for you & your family to come get your ears pierced comfortably.

I take pride in the safe, clean and comfortable environment I have created.

I pierce all ear piercings & nostril piercing with a hollow needle. You will never find a piercing gun in my hand.

I absolutely love this business and all of the amazing people I have met because of it! I am passionate about all things piercings & jewelry. I am always perfecting my technique and sanitization styles. Giving the best experience for you and your family is my top priority.

I pierce ages 3 months +

If you feel as though I am the right piercer for you or your child, go ahead and click the button below to book with me!

So excited to meet you!

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